Previous Events: The American Liver Foundation, SOS Los Angeles, The Philharmonic Society, Mission Hospital, Project Hope Alliance, RARE Project, and Global Genes.


Nominated for the 2012 & 2013 Women In Business Awards this year.

"People who work with Kristin Martin name her main strengths as her honesty, integrity and positive attitude. She is known to combine undying optimism, unbridled energy and five-star chef connections with a passion to benefit Orange County and LA based charities. Kristin is known to produce phenomenal and professional events, and in the process, she makes sure every individual with whom she works feels valued and affirmed. Kristin’s extensive community involvement also allows her many contacts who are always willing to support the foundation/charity she is working for. Kristin is an active part of the Orange County community, putting in many hours for events along with producing, working and raising record amounts of money for the foundations/charities." - OCBJ ARTICLE May 7, 2012 A-68

Kristin Martin - Owner


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